Gillian Waters Consultancy is an innovative and creative consultancy that focuses on learning, based in the heart of West Yorkshire.

We work across the heritage, galleries, archives, museums, cultural, creative and education sectors to create experiential and inspirational learning opportunities for all.

From creative idea to making it happen, we provide cost-effective strategic planning, project management, archiving and cataloguing, educational resources, practical evaluation and training support.

Latest News . . .

Course: The Conquests of Wales- Autumn 2016 York University

‌The Anglo-Saxons and Normans had tried to subjugate Wales, but it was not until 1283 that Edward I conquered the country and claimed the title of Prince of Wales for his eldest son. However, ....



Fewston Assemblage 2014-2016.

Gillian is currently working on an exciting booklet on the Fewston Assemblage at Washburn Heritage Centre in Fewston.....



Ask the Expert- Museums Development Yorkshire 2016-17

Gillian is working with Museum Development Yorkshire on Ask the Expert- a series of Q & A on-line blogs for museums in the Yorkshire and Humberside region....



Yorkshire and Humberside Museum Volunteer Pass 2016-17

Gillian is delighted to be working with Museum Development Yorkshire on the Museum Volunteer Pass scheme...



The Fewston Assemblage 2015

Gillian is delighted to be invited to train and support volunteers researching the Fewston Assemblage by the Washburn Heritage Centre. ....



Maths at the Yorkshire Air Museum-2015

Gillian was delighted to be invited to work with the Yorkshire Air Museum on a series of Maths Trails and workshops for KS1 and KS2. . ...





"I enjoyed the fact that the tutor was really enthusiastic about the subject and that she paid attention to what we wanted to learn about the period."

"Gillian brings history alive with her knowledge and enthusiasm. More please"

Student feedback on recent Day Schools and ten week courses.


"This is one of the best and most enjoyable courses I have attended. Gillian is so enthusiastic about her lessons and that passes onto her students; her lessons are so well planned and very organised. I received plenty of very interesting handouts and fell that I have learnt so much from this course. Excellent tutor and course."

Student feedback on recent accredited 11 week course.


"Gillian Waters is extremely knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about her subject and she passes this enthusiasm onto her students"

"The high standard of teaching given in an interesting and informative way....This is teaching at its best."

Student feedback on recent ten week courses.


"Fast pace, sticking to timetable, wide variety of teaching metods, quick answers to questions, all very interesting. very good teaching."

"Gillian Waters made this day course extremely interesting and I ended the day with a far greater insight into Richard's life and reign than I had ever had before"

Student feedback on recent Day Schools."


"Gillian's enthusiasm was infectious and sparked a desire to read around the subject and visit sites mentioned through the course."

"Sheer enthusiasm of Gillian for the subject and a first rate lecture every week."

Student feedback on recent "Wars of the Roses" ten week course.


"I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it was what I was expecting and I gained from it what I wanted, more so than previous courses. Our tutor, Gillian was great: enthusiastic, helpful, communicated ideas well, covered all aspects, historical and literary, gave lots of handouts; also created a relaxed atmosphere. Subject matter thought provoking and balanced. I particularly enjoyed presentation of the historical evidence and consideration of its limitations. "

Student feedback on recent "King Arthur" Day School.



“Gillian is an excellent communicator and tutor.... her knowledge of the subject is impressive and her delivery and presentation is stimulating and interesting"

Student feedback on recent Day Schools and ten week courses.


“I cannot recommend Gillian Waters highly enough. We worked together through the conception, development and delivery of an extremely successful creative and educational project, which has become known as 'the Armouries Project' within the Northern Film School at Leeds Metropolitan University , in which students produced films based on briefs supplied by the Gillian. . .


. . . Thanks to Gillian's attention to detail, imagination and dedication to ensure all interested parties were well served according to their needs, this project cemented the strong partnership between the Royal Armouries and Leeds Metropolitan University , resulting in the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement between them. Gillian worked closely with academic staff at the Northern Film School to develop briefs for our undergraduate students, be part of the pitching sessions, briefing sessions and development of the film projects . . .

. . . she supported the productions through to completion and very often the results were prize winning films. That we no longer have her working with us is a great loss to both academic staff and students, although her professionalism and dedication means that she has maintained contact, and I trust we will find other ways to work together in the future.”

June 28, 2011 Jennifer Granville,
Director, Northern Film School

“Gillian's presentations were very visual. Maps, pictures of places, buildings and artefacts helped to locate what we were talking about. Tutor was happy to look at things suggested by the class and check answers to our questions."

Students feedback on recent Day Schools and ten week courses.


"...She has excellent background knowledge and also able to pose different theories behind a complex subject"

"An enthusiastic, knowledgeable and well prepared tutor made this a thoroughly enjoyable course."

Students feedback on recent Day Schools and ten week courses.


“Gillian's passion and commitment to cultural learning and history can clearly be seen running through all of the work that she does. Working on the Initial Teacher Training programme, she demonstrated an innovative and inspirational approach to bringing cultural education to the widest possible audience. She is approachable and adaptable and tackles challenges with a 'can-do' attitude. These qualities make working with Gillian a rewarding experience.”

January 30, 2011 Penny Bull,
Strategic Commissioning Project Manager, Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA).


“I enjoyed the way the course stimulated debate and the way it encouraged me to reconsider some of my own preconceived ideas. A very enjoyable and stimulating day. Most enjoyable and well presented."

Student feedback on recent Day Schools and ten week courses.


"...I thought that your course was really most impressive in the way it has been put together, the discussion points, and the options for following through in greater depth on some issues if wished.""

Student feedback on recent Day Schools and ten week courses.


“Gillian is an innovative and intelligent, experienced museum professional with an extensive background in Education, the heritage sector & digital media. Skilful at developing and motivating teams & partnerships to achieve targets and objectives. This is combined with the energy, analytical skills & persistence to achieve the highest standards.”

December 19, 2010 Vanessa. S. Kyle,
Enabling Co-Ordinator, Royal Armouries Museum.


“I judged the work of Gillian and her department at the Royal Armouries for the Sandford Heritage Education Awards. I was mightily impressed by her dedication, professionalism and the ethos she set for her team. She is a high quality education manager and any organisation would benefit greatly from having her on board.”

December 16, 2010. Don Henson,
Judge, Sandford Heritage Education Awards.

“I enjoyed working with Gillian on a software development project - she demonstrated a cheerful willingness to get stuck in to the inevitable teething problems, and help find solutions; she could see the possibilities of the product; and she was able to relate well to the technical staff involved. It was a successful collaboration (and you can see the results at http://www.magicstudio.co.uk).”

November 10, 2009 Andrew Sawyer,
Museum Consultant/Business Development, Simulacra.

“Gillian's work on the English Civil War resulted in the production of a very comprehensive and effective education pack.”

December 9, 2010 David Blackmore,
Registrar, Royal Armouries “

“I worked with Gillian when managing a learning conference for MLA at the Royal Armouries in March 09. Gillian's cheerful good humour and positive attitude were invaluable when dealing with the many facets of conference management and she went far beyond the call of duty to ensure the event was a success. A fantastic person to work with, particularly in times of stress!”

September 4, 2009. Emma King,
Owner, Emma King Consultancy

“Gillian is a joy to work with and very accommodating. Her delivery of classes to children was a joy to witness and the children always had great fun whilst learning. A great team player, extremely capable and a fabulous lady all round - who taught me a great deal!”

August 20, 2009. Sian Foster,
Head of Marketing, Royal Armouries Museum